Cartoonists go all out for Hourly Comics Day 2024

Check out comics by Karen Czap, James Chapman, Mel Gillman and more.

It’s February, which means its time for the annual #HourlyComicsDay, where cartoonists commit to making and posting a comic every hour for a day.

That’s certainly a different task than 24-Hour Comics Day, where a creator will try to make a complete comic in a day. Because of the fast nature of trying to post a new comic every hour, most hourly comics typically fall into the “autobiography” or personal journal category, as participants detail their day in comics form.

Here are a few I saw this year. You can also find them by searching for “Hourly Comics Day” on your social media site of choice, be it BlueSky, Tumblr, Instagram or the site formerly known as Twitter.

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This is … Spinal Cord!

Dark Horse will release a new heavy metal-themed graphic novel by David Braña and Pahito this fall.

The Midnight: Shadows isn’t the only music-themed graphic novel coming from Dark Horse this year. This week the publisher also announced Spinal Cord, a heavy metal horror graphic novel written by David Braña and illustrated by Pahito.

It’s a tale as old as time — a heavy metal band wants to make it big, so they enter a competition that ends up being more than they bargained for.

“The idea of Spinal Cord had been in my head for a long time,” said Braña. “I wanted to write about a music band trying to make its way in today’s complicated industry. Pahito and I both love metal music, so after talking, the creative sparks flew for Spinal Cord. It has been a pleasure to travel Route 666 in his company. We have paid a well-deserved tribute to the music and we have let ourselves be carried away on an adventure with different styles of horror, with characters who feel and suffer and who try to achieve their dreams, like most of us. Now I just hope readers enjoy this journey too!

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