Three Count | Rebel, Modern Carapace, Ron Guillory on YouTube

Here are three things to download, to buy and to watch this week.

Three Count spotlights, as the title suggests, three things from comics today. It’ll be three things with links, no more, no less. Like a zombie it’ll dig itself back up again.

  1. To Download: Rebel by Ken Lowery and Gavin Guidry

I was today years old when I discovered that Ken Lowery and Gavin Guidry had done a 16-page Star Wars: Rogue One fan comic. It features Jyn Erso doing what Jyn does best — screwing up the plans of the Empire while saving orphans. It’s well done with some really great full page images that showcase Guidry’s ability to draw action shots:

And best of all, it’s free to download. Lowery has several other comics up on his Bannerless Games site that you can purchase, in addition to several games and design tools.

2. To Buy: Modern Carapace by Jacob Kuddes

If, like me, you’re a fan of giant robot and giant monster comics, then you might dig Modern Carapace. It’s the story of a a park ranger who protects kaiju from the threat of poachers using a mecha strider. Kuddes crowdfunded this first volume late last year, and it looks like he’s now working on an epilogue. You can purchase it digitally via Gumroad.

3. To Watch: Rob Guillory’s YouTube channel

You might know Rob Guillory from such comics as Chew and Farmhand, among others, but if you’d like to know more about the man behind the comic page, he’s started up a YouTube channel. And it’s great — he’s using it to tell stories from his career, share advice and show his creation process. I embedded the above video because it both shares a story from his time trying to get a Chew TV show made as well as draw and paint a picture of Swamp Thing. Other episodes get into character creation, workflow and other topics. Check it out if you’re looking to hear from a very smart creator on how he approaches the work.

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