Rest in peace, Trina Robbins

The influential comics creator and pioneer has passed away at the age of 85.

“Trina wears her wampum beads
She fills her drawing book with line
Sewing lace on widows’ weeds
And filigree on leaf and vine
Vine and leaf are filigree
And her coat’s a secondhand one
Trimmed with antique luxury
She is a lady of the canyon”

–Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon

Trina Robbins, a comics creator, historian, advocate and pioneering figure in the underground comix movement — and, yes, the “Trina” Joni Mitchell sang about in 1970 — passed away yesterday at the age of 85.

Her death was first reported by her daughter on social media last night, followed by tributes and obituaries by her fans, fellow artists and news outlets, including The New York Times and Forbes. Forbes reported that Robbins passed away following a stroke that left her hospitalized earlier this year.

“Not only was she a legendary creator of comics, she was also one of comics’ greatest historians and researchers, and a guiding light to countless girls and women who had a hard time believing there was space for them in this art form,” Gail Simone said in a remembrance of her “hero, friend and mentor.”

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Jeff Lemire + BOOM! tease something new for this fall

“… as both a comics fan and a creator, I have been craving longer format stories again.”

BOOM! Studios has announced that Jeff Lemire, creator of Sweet Tooth, Essex County, Fishflies, The Nobody and many other comics and graphic novels, will launch a new ongoing series at the publisher this fall.

Lemire will both write and draw the new title. No title or artwork was shared, beyond the “Eye of Providence” sketch shown above.

“For a while now I have felt like the ‘ongoing series’ in comics is a dying breed,” Lemire said. “I’m guilty of this myself, having put out a lot of shorter projects over the last several years. But as both a comics fan and a creator, I have been craving longer format stories again. Series like the classic Vertigo monthlies that would drive me to the comic shops every week when I was younger.”

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