Jacket required: Steve Orlando + friends return to Avengers Mansion for ‘Avengers Assemble’

The second ‘Avengers’ title will feature some old classics and some new faces.

Avengers old and new will assemble under the leadership of Steve Rogers in Avengers Assemble, a second ongoing Avengers title that launches in September.

Scarlet Witch and The Scale Trade writer Steve Orlando will work with several different artists on the series, including Cory Smith, Scot Eaton, Marcelo Ferreira and more, with Smith drawing the first issue.

As for the premise, it follows the current Avengers storyline that’s running during Blood Hunt, which has Captain America assembling a ragtag team to battle vampires while the primary Avengers team goes up against Blade and his minions. Steve Rogers will also head up this new team, which will include several classic Avengers, like Wonder Man, Hercules, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Wasp and Photon, along with some more obscure Avengers like Shang Chi and Lightning, plus two new faces to the team — former New Warriors leader Night Thrasher and Power Pack’s Lightspeed.

“This is a great time to assemble!” Orlando shared. “Avengers Assemble is bringing a murderer’s row of classic Avengers back to the Mansion, and classic comics storytelling is coming with it! A team of icons and new recruits alike, but heavy on the icons! And in every issue, a barnburner of an entire story packed into 20 pages!”

cover by Leinil Francis Yu

The Avengers Emergency Response Squad, or AVENG.E.R.S., will operate out of Avengers Mansion, ready to be dispatched on super hero missions around the globe (or sit around playing cards):

When the Red Skull’s daughter discovers a dangerous artifact, Cap, Wasp, Photon and Shang-Chi set out to stop her—while Hawkeye hosts a poker game for the late arrivals. Will the AVENG.E.R.S. pass their first real test? Find out in the debut issue!

And yes, they will be sporting jackets similar to the ones worn back during the 1990s, as seen on Smith’s variant cover for the first issue:

West Coast Avengers was the first comic book I ever bought, full stop. So, to be part of a return to form, heavy on personality, rich in action, is more than exciting—it’s an honor!” Orlando said. “Starting this summer, Avengers Emergency Response Squad is always on duty!”

Betsy Cola and Emilio Laiso also provide variants for the first issue:

The new team will assemble in comic shops on Sept. 11.

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