Kyle Starks + Piotr Kowalski return for another nightmare-fueled ‘Where Monsters Lie’ miniseries

‘Where Monsters Lie: Cull-De-Sac’ slashes its way into stores in October.

Kyle Starks and Piotr Kowalski’s Where Monsters Lie will get a sequel this fall, as Dark Horse Comics has announced Where Monsters Lie: Cull-De-Sac kicks off in October. They’re joined by colorist Vladimir Popov and letterer Joshua Reed.

That subtitle sounds not so much like a place, but what’s going to happen, doesn’t it? If you read the first series, you know that’s probably true. It featured a neighborhood filled with horror/slasher icons living their best lives when they’re interrupted by Connor Hayes, a former victim who managed to escape from a serial killer and went on to become a bad-ass monster hunter. He showed up to take his revenge in what was a fun and well done, yet oh so bloody, miniseries.

“I love a good horror movie like nobody else,” said Starks. “I adore a great horror slasher. But you know what I like even more? A SEQUEL!  Brilliant artist Piotr Kowalski did such a great job of bringing the awful beasts of Site A to life I just had to see what he would do at Site B! If you LOVED Volume One you have a great treat coming here in the Cull-de-sac. IF you didn’t read Volume One what are you doing! Read it then come pick this up! What terrible, evil fun we’re having!  JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!!!”

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