CCI announces 2023 Eisner Hall of Fame inductees and nominees

They also announced a programming change to when the Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized.

Comic-Con International has announced this year’s automatic inductees into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame, as well as the field of nominees voters can choose from. They’ve also announced a big change to when the Hall of Fame inductees will be honored.

First off, the judges have selected 15 people who will automatically be inducted, which may be a record number — in previous years, the judges’ choices typically numbered less than six. The judges have chosen 11 deceased individuals and four living to induct.

The deceased greats are: Jerry Bails, Tony DeZuniga, Justin Green, Jay Jackson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Win Mortimer, Diane Noomin, Gaspar Saladino, Kim Thompson and Mort Walker. The judges’ living choices are Bill Griffith, Jack Katz, Garry Trudeau and Tatjana Wood.

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Comics Lowdown is back!

Your roundup of essential comics news is back, with an Angoulême update, cussin’ Stan Lee and more!

Big publishing news: Bertelsmann, the parent company of Penguin Random House, announced the day before Thanksgiving that it will buy Simon & Schuster. This will affect graphic novels and manga in a big way, because PRH and S&S distribute a LOT of graphic novels and manga.

In a series of Tweets, Ed Chavez sketches out what the manga landscape will look like, and why it matters. ICv2 lists all their comics/distribution clients; keep in mind that this is in addition to the graphic novels the companies themselves publish under a variety of imprints: Random House has RH Graphics and Pantheon (which publishes the works of Chris Ware and other literary graphic novels), and S&S has Gallery 13 and, just announced, two new lines of graphic novels for young readers.

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