Jordan Alsaqa + Ray Nadine will ‘Raise Hell!’ on Comixology next week

The coming of age horror story arrives digitally on Tuesday.

Jordan Alsaqa and Ray Nadine are bringing a little Hell to Comixology next week.

The writer of Terminal Protocol, Finding Peace and more has teamed with the GLAAD award-nominated cartoonist on Raise Hell!, a six-issue coming-of-age horror/comedy miniseries about three friends who decide to summon a demon one summer, which makes the upcoming school year hell — well, even more hellish than normal.

Raise Hell! is a love letter to our own teen years,” said Alsaqa. “When Ray and I met, we bonded over our mutual love of Ska, horror and the anime of the mid-2000s. It’s a time period we’re nostalgic for, so many of our story ideas come from recalling our favorite childhood memories and injecting the supernatural and demonic into them.”

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Ray Nadine’s ‘Light Carries On’ coming from Dark Horse next year

The otherworldly LGBTQ romance will arrive in stores next March.

Dark Horse has announced that they’ll publish Light Carries On, a new graphic novel by Dollhouse creator Ray Nadine, next March.

Described as “an otherworldly LGBTQ romance,” the graphic novel is about a photographer who is “haunted” by the ghost who used to own his camera. Together they try to figure out how the former owner actually died.

“For most of my life, I lived in St. Louis, and in that time I created my first comic,” Nadine said. “It was an important story to me, an open love letter to the city of St. Louis, a processing of grief and trauma, and a means for me to live truthfully in a time that I couldn’t. Eventually, I outgrew the story; continuing to create it kept me in a depressing place I didn’t want to be. I still love St. Louis dearly, but years ago I moved to Chicago. And now, Light Carries On is my open love letter to the city of Chicago, to the thought that we’re not alone in our struggles, and to being unapologetically queer. All of my stories are that last bit, unapologetically queer, but Light Carries On carries what my first comic didn’t: a light of hope at the end. I hope that those who read it find that light, as creating it helped me do the same!”

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