Landis & friends look back at Superman’s ‘important junctures’ in ‘American Alien’

Check out a preview of the first issue, featuring artwork by Nick Dragotta.

Hollywood screenwriter and Eisner nominee Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra) returns to comics in November with a murderer’s row of artists for Superman: American Alien, a seven-issue miniseries that highlights “important junctures in his development as a person.” Each issue features a different artist working with Landis on done-in-one stories set in Clark Kent’s past.

“Issue one is heartwarming, two is brutal, three is sexy, four will make you think, five’s thrilling, six might make you cry and seven … seven has the most violent fight you’ve ever seen featuring Clark Kent,” Landis said in a press release. “This has been my dream since I was 10 years old. Come on this journey with me and Clark. C’mon.”

Nick Dragotta provides art for the first issue, with later issues drawn by Francis Manapul, Jock, Jae Lee, Tommy Lee Edwards, Joëlle Jones and Jonathan Case. Ryan Sook provides the covers. Landis previously worked with Jock on “The Sound of One Hand Clapping,” a story in the digital-first Adventures of Superman #41-42 that received an Eisner nomination for “Best Short Story” last year.

Check out a preview of the first issue below, which comes out Nov. 11.








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