Cornell and Kelly’s ‘Saucer Country’ returns with a new name, publisher

Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly’s excellent UFO series, previously published by Vertigo, returns next year at IDW.

Back in 2013, Vertigo cancelled the excellent UFO series Saucer Country by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly after 14 issues. Cornell at the time wrote on his blog about the Hugo-nominated series:

“I know that’ll disappoint our loyal audience. So I make this promise to you: I will, one day, finish Saucer Country, in one way or another, in a dramatically satisfying way. That is to say, I won’t just put up the remainder of the plot on my blog or something, I’ll find a professional means to actually complete the story, ideally in comic book form, or as a novel or, hey, go on, a movie. The rights revert to me reasonably soon. We’ll work from there.”

Today at Comic-Con International, Cornell kept his promise, as he revealed IDW Publishing will publish Saucer State, a “second season” following Saucer Country, according to Newsarama.

As for what to expect from the new series, Cornell told Newsarama “We join Arcadia, as President, a few weeks after the end of the last series, remind the reader of what was going on, introduce some new characters and jeopardy and then the end of issue one is… well, it turns everything on its head. Saucer State is an organic continuation of Saucer Country, but something huge has just happened. New readers really can start here, though we hope they’ll be interested in picking up the reprints. If you like political tricks and confrontations, the sneaky business of House of Cards, and if you like the spooky side of UFOs, a series that revels in ‘real life’ UFO mythology, then this is the title for you.”

Launching in 2017, IDW will republish the original 14 issues of Saucer Country as well.


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