DC, Gerard Way share more details on the ‘Young Animal’ line

At Comic-Con International, the former My Chemical Romance singer showed new artwork for “Shade The Changing Girl” and “Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye,” and news of a pretty stellar back-up coming to Carson’s title.

DC Comics and singer/Umbrella Academy write Gerard Way plan to make the DC universe weird again with the Young Animal imprint. Way, along with writers like Cecil Castellucci and Jon Rivera, will put their own unique spin on several DC mainstays, including the Doom Patrol, Shade, Cave Carson and even Gotham in the new line of comics.

Way and DC co-publisher Jim Lee shared more details on the new line at a panel at Comic-Con International, and here are a few of the details that came out of it, from both DC’s report and the one on Comic Book Resources:

  • The line will include not just comics, but experiments with merchandise. “We have our core of four books,” Way said. “But we’re trying to experiment with the merch, the printing — we’re talking about doing a blacklight comic.”
  • Castellucci was on hand to discuss Shade the Changing Girl: “When you have a superpower of madness, it’s kind of like, what is that? Madness is very strange. How do you, as a writer, keep a story narrative that makes sense but also try to push off the page in order to get to somewhere new?” They also shared a preview of some of Marley Zarcone’s interior artwork for the series:
  • Shade-#1_578e853ccf4dd3.59517099



    Rivera will join Way in Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye. “‘Cave’ is an homage to both classic adventure movies, but it’s also a tribute to stuff like Spielberg and Joe Johnston, Joe Dante; mixing a little bit of the Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson madness,” Rivera said, Here’s a preview:




    And the big news: Way and Rivera shared that Tom Scioli, of Godland and GI Joe vs. Transformers fame, will write and draw a backup story in the book that will feature DC’s Super Powers, the Jack Kirby-created comic and toy line. How awesome is that?

    Finally, Way discussed Mother Panic, the comic set in Gotham. He said the central theme is, “What if you became addicted with making yourself more powerful?” The book is written by Faith writer Jody Houser, with artists including Tommy Lee Edwards, Shawn Crystal and John Paul Leon.


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