A D4VE we can believe in

Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon send their robotic war hero on the campaign trail.

Back in 2014, the up-and-coming digital comics imprint Monkeybrain made me believe in funny robot comics again with the publication of D4VE. Created by Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon, the comic told the story of what happens to a robot war hero after the robots conquer everything — spoiler’s alert: they get a crappy desk job, go through a divorce and deal with a lot of the &*!%$# us regular humans might deal with on a daily basis. Until they get the chance to become a war hero again.

Following up on the original miniseries and its sequel, IDW Publishing has announced a third miniseries — D4VEOCRACY, which details what happens when the war hero decides to run for president.

“[D4VE’s] thwarted alien invasions, survived a plunge into fatherhood, endured the worst possible mid-life crisis and traveled back in time to face his inner demons,” Ferrier told the AV Club. “Moving into a brand new story arc, Valentin and I were committed to taking D4VE somewhere he’s never been, while building him into the hero he knows he can be, all while telling a relevant, relatable, hilarious story. So D4VE’s running for president.”

D4VEOCRACY begins in January, when hopefully the current presidential election will seem like just a bad dream and not a real nightmare.




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