Corey Lewis’ ‘Sun Bakery’ anthology moves to Image Comics

Image Comics will re-release the previous four issues beginning in February.

Following a four-issue run from Press Gang and Floating World Comics that concludes next month, Corey Lewis’ Sun Bakery anthology will move to Image Comics in 2017.

Lewis noted on his Tumblr the change in publishers, stating that Image will re-release all four issues previously released by Press Gang/Floating World Comics. Beyond some “mild design changes,” the content will be the same. The series will continue beyond the fourth issue, and Lewis teased the return of his Sharknife character in future issues, who previously appeared in graphic novels by Oni Press.

“This is going to be my most focused, concise, consistent foray into the realm of monthly comic book making,” Lewis said in the post. “So I’m really hoping you all join me in 2017.”

Watch for the “new” first issue in February.

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