Oni to publish Joey Weiser’s ‘Ghost Hog’

Here’s some very welcome publishing news: Mermin creator Joey Weiser will soon be working on his next project, Ghost Hog, which Publisher’s Weekly reveals will come out from Oni Press in 2018.

The story stars Truff, a young boar killed by a hunter, as she navigates the afterlife and tries to let go of her desire for revenge. “She’s a bit of a grump, but you would be too given the circumstances,” Weiser said on Tumblr. “Ghost Hog, naturally, is a little darker in concept than my past work, but will still have a similar tone to Mermin, The Ride Home, etc.”

Weiser’s been thinking about Ghost Hog for more than five years now, and even shared an early sketch from circa 2010 in his Tumblr post. “Early ideas for Ghost Hog came to me as I was beginning to pitch Mermin and still unsure if it would have a home! Thankfully, Oni Press picked up Mermin and saw the series through its entire 5-volume run, and now we’ll be working together again!”

The fifth and final volume of Weiser’s excellent “fish out of water” series, Mermin, arrives next year, followed by Ghost Hog in 2018.


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