Pony up $6 to support Bailey and Vaughn’s ‘Deadwater’

New 28-page “rom-spense” Western comic available via Kickstarter for one week only.

During March, Kickstarter has been actively encouraging an initiative they call “All in 1” — “a creative sprint to help you bring something new to life, simply and swiftly. Run a one-week project so you can get right to the fun part — creating.”

Cuzak Bailey and Jen Vaughn have done just that, creating a 28-page “rom-spense” comic called Deadwater, available via the crowdfunding site for one week only.

Here’s how they describe the comic:

In the first of short stories series set in Deadwater, this shared landscape is not your typical Western town. The facades people wear as their masks are starting to crumble. Marisol lives with her father who makes a living taking pioneers over the deadly pass. Marisol lives to knit and dream but that all changes as a new family enters the town of Deadwater. She saves a live and falls in love, all at once. And that’s when the trouble began… Deadwater will soon be available for you to read while leaning against your favorite fence post or ponying up at the bar as a 28 page grayscale comic with a color cover.

In the spirit of “All in 1,” they’re offering only one reward: for $6, you can receive both the print comic and a code for it on comiXology. As I type this, they are more than halfway to their devilish goal of $666. Bailey and Vaughn met while working in the gaming industry, but Vaughn has an impressive comics resume that includes working at Fantagraphics and making comics like The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, Archie and Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective, among others.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information; just make sure to do it before April 4, when it ends. Cover and art below:

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