David Petersen captures the essence of Third Earth with his ThunderCats portraits

Known for his drawings of mice in his popular Mouse Guard series, David Petersen recently turned his pen to a group of cats — The ThunderCats, to be precise. On his blog, the artist shares some recent portraits of the team from the popular animated series.

“As a fun experiment at my weekly Art Night gathering with other local artist friends, I tried my hand at drawing a favorite of mine as a kid…the ThunderCats!” Petersen said on his blog. “I didn’t want to redesign them, or stick to copying a model sheet, I wanted to just draw them as I would, with respect to the original designs but enough David Petersen linework that you knew it was from my hand.”

The set not only includes the original team members like Lion-O, Cheetara and Panthro, but also Bengali, Pumyra and Lynx-O, who came later. Maybe next he’ll turn his pen to Mumm-Ra and his mutants.

Check out some of them below, and visit his blog to see more. You can also buy some of the original pieces on his Big Cartel site.

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