Talbots’ ‘Grandville’ series wraps up in November

Bryan and Mary Talbot’s five-part graphic novel series Grandville will complete its run this fall with the final volume, Grandville: Force Majeure, coming from Dark Horse Comics.

According to Dark Horse, “Grandville: Force Majeure finds Detective Inspector LeBrock wanted for murder and on the run from gangland overlord Tiberius Koenig. But LeBrock is a fighter and now, battling against insurmountable odds, the British Badger needs every ounce of his strength, deductive skills and tenacity to in order to survive. Can he make it?”

The series of graphic novels tells the story of Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard — an anthropomorphic badger who lives in the Socialist Republic of Britain, which recently gained independence from France. It’s a steampunk/alternate history/romance/thriller mash-up with talking animals, brought to life by the talented Talbots. Bryan Talbot has been sharing pages from the new volume on his blog; check out some of them below.

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