‘Annual’ to collect rare and new Joe Casey material

“One-man anthology” to feature Casey’s work with Nathan Fox, Jim Rugg and more.

Man of Action and veteran comics writer Joe Casey has a “one-man anthology” coming out this September that will feature new and rarely seen work with collaborators like Jim Rugg, Nathan Fox and Luke Parker.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Annual will include The Winternational, which previously appeared on the digital comics app Stela, as well as Modern Romance, a story drawn by Fox that appeared in Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue.

Here’s the cover by Sonia Harris, which was inspired by a Batman Annual cover by Trevor von Eeden:

‘Annual’ cover by Sonia Harris

“I’ve stopped trying to classify myself as being in the mainstream or in the independent scene anymore,” Casey told THR. “I might be caught somewhere in-between, just like Image Comics in general. Maybe that’s why I’m a good fit there. They’ve been hugely supportive in helping to make this book happen. On a personal note, I suppose you could say I’ve got a vested interest in these types of ‘experiments’ succeeding…it’ll allow me to keep making comic books, which is what I love to do.

Annual arrives Sept. 27.

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