Second issue of ‘Resist!’ storms into comic shops July 4

Françoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman made headlines back in January with the release of “Resist!,” their free, tabloid-sized, crowdsourced publication featuring comics and commentary that was distributed during the women’s marches across the United States.

In July, Resist! is grabbing back, as the second issue arrives just in time for America’s birthday. The second issue of Resist!, a comic book-sized 96-page anthology of comics and cartoons, will be handed out during the July 4th weekend by volunteers and in the comic shops that ordered it. Per the release, “distribution of Resist! is intended as an Independence Day celebration of the First Amendment, of our diverse country and of our resilience.”

The second issue will feature contributions from Roz Chast, Kristin Radtke, Miriam Katin, Cathy Malkasian, Laura Park, Lauren Weinstein, Daniel Clowes, Art Spiegelman and many more, including many new artists who submitted contributions through the Resist! website.

“The theme of the second issue, ‘Grab Back!,’ says it all: Women are angry,” said Nadja Spiegelman in the release. “They’re not afraid to say it. And they don’t plan on staying silent any longer.”

by Jolanda Zurcher, an 18-year-old art student published in ‘Resist!’ for the first time

Watch for the new issue in comic shops in July, or you can pre-order a copy with a Resist! bag at their website.

Resist! #2

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  1. Is there an online copy of the two Resist books? I’ve been to a few local bookstores on your list and all have been out of them for a long time. I would contribute for a copy of your two volumes.
    Thank you,

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