‘Spy Seal’ enlists Joey Weiser’s ‘Ninja Fukuroh’ as a back-up feature

Rich Tommaso takes Weiser up on his offer to draw a back-up story for his new comic.

Back when Rich Tommaso started talking about Spy Seal, before it became an upcoming comic from Image, he shared several images of the character online that drew rave reviews from fans and fellow creators. One of those creators was Joey Weiser, creator of the really fun Oni Press graphic novel series Mermin, who offered (perhaps jokingly) to draw a back-up series for the comic:

“As you can see, Rich agreed and specifically asked for a ninja story,” Weiser said on Tumblr. “So I obliged! I’m eager to read the Spy Seal comic, and similarly excited for folks to read my backup comic, Ninja Fukuroh! Spy Seal is in part modeled after British spy movies of the ‘60s and ’70s, and I took similar inspiration for Fukuroh from Japanese films of that period. I’d like to say more, but I’ll have to wait until the issue is out and people can read it for themselves!”

So not only do we get a new comic by Tommaso starring a secret agent seal, but we also get a ninja comic by Weiser. Win, win.

Spy Seal #1 arrives Aug. 16.

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