I can’t express how much I adore this Harley Quinn ‘Expressions’ figure

DC Collectibles releases images of several new ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ figures and toys, including a Jokermobile.

DC Collectibles has been releasing and revealing new action figures based on the Batman: The Animated Series designs that Paul Dini and Bruce Timm made so popular. Some of them fall into the “Expressions” line, where the figures come with extra faces with, as you might guess, different expressions. We’ve seen Batman and Joker, but at Comic-Con International this week they revealed the best one so far — Harley Quinn.

It comes with multiple faces, but also a lot of fun extras — including Bud and Lou, her hyenas — and even roller skates. And if the roller skates aren’t enough to help get her where she needs to be, there’s always the Jokermobile, if Joker will lend her the keys:

Also, if you missed them before, check out the Batcave with Alfred and the Joker Expressions pack — which doesn’t include skates, but it does have a floaty for those quick water getaways:

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