DC, Morrison announce ‘Arkham Asylum 2’, reveal ‘Wonder Woman Earth One’ Vol. 2 art

At the ‘Meet the Publishers’ panel in San Diego, Morrison showed up to share some news with Dan Didio and Jim Lee.

Today at Comic-Con International, DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee welcomed a special surprise guest to their “Meet the Publishers” panel: Grant Morrison, writer of, among other things, the Arkham Asylum graphic novel and the more recent Wonder Woman Earth One graphic novel. And he brought news concerning both.

First off, via the DC Comics Twitter feed comes a whole bunch of art related to Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 2. Morrison calls it the “Empire Strikes Back” of this Wonder Woman trilogy, as the ultimate Amazon army takes on the Nazis. Check out some of Yanick Paquette’s artwork at the bottom of this post.

But Wonder Woman isn’t the only project getting a second chapter — Arkham Asylum, a.k.a. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, the 1989 graphic novel by Morrison and Dave McKean, is also getting a sequel:

It doesn’t sound like it’s a direct sequel to that particular story; Morrison will work with his Batman Inc. collaborator Chris Burnham to tell a new story involving the adult Damian Wayne, who Morrison introduced during his run on the ongoing Batman title. No word yet on a release date. Read more about the panel here.

Update: Hey, these look even cooler after Nathan Fairbairn colors them:

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