Check out a bunch of covers from upcoming Black Crown titles

Artwork for ‘Assassinistas,’ ‘Kid Lobotomy’ and more revealed at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Yesterday in San Diego Shelly Bond announced three more titles that’ll launch in a few months from her Black Crown imprint at IDW Publishing, joining the already-announced Kid Lobotomy. If you’re curious what those titles will look like, wonder no more and check out some art below.

First up is the one I thought looked the most intriguing, Assassinistas by Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez. Howard is the writer of the new Hack/Slash series announced a few days ago, as well as Magdalena, The Skeptics and Power Rangers: Pink. She joins Gilbert Hernandez, who was just inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame last night.

Howard shared several pieces of art on Twitter related to Assassinistas:

“Guns. Moms. Boys in Love. One Last Mission.” This one looks like a lot of fun.

Next, Punks Not Dead creators David Barnett and Martin Simmonds spoke with Syfy about their new title. It’s about a kid looking for his dad, with the ghost of Sid Vicious helping him along the way. Barnett told Syfy about the teenager’s ghostly companion:

Sid’s a pretty complex character, really. He was an outsider and a rebel and had a genuine interest in anarchism rather than as just a motif for posturing on stage with, but he also seemed, even at the end of his short life, like a lost little kid who loved his mum. Sid’s important to the story because he has a lot in common with Fergie, the 15-year-old British kid he gets stuck to. Fergie’s an outsider too, but not with the street-smart cool of Sid, and they both had absent fathers and troubled mothers. Sid’s been stuck as a ghost in London’s Heathrow Airport since 1979, and his knowledge of the wider modern world is limited. Fergie can educate him about what he’s missed, and Sid’s anarchic, crazy side can help Fergie basically not be such a loser. Maybe it could have been any dead rock star — and we might see some of those in the future of Punks Not Dead — but Sid’s got that almost childlike approach to life and unstarry outlook that he’s not going to sit around moaning, “Hey, I’m a dead superstar, I shouldn’t be hanging around some working-class kid in the North of England.” His lust for life — even when 40 years dead — helps cement their relationship.

Here’s the cover, and you can check out interior pages at Syfy.

Black Crown Quarterly is the anthology that was announced, which comes out in the fall. They didn’t say much about it, beyond the fact that Rob Davis (The Motherless Oven) will contribute. But here’s a look at the cover:

And finally Kid Lobotomy was announced earlier this year, but this week brought a look at the book’s covers and insides. Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler are the creative team. Here’s a look at covers for the first couple issues, by Fowler, Frank Quitely and Eric Canete:

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