Tim Seeley’s ‘Hack/Slash’ returns with new series, Vampirella crossover

New creative team takes the reigns on the next chapter of Cassie Hack’s story.

Cassie Hack, the star of Hack/Slash comics, is coming back swinging in a big way, as Image Comics announces a new series and Dynamite Entertainment announces a crossover with Vampirella.

Hack/Slash is the book people always ask me about,” said creator Tim Seeley. “I’ve been waiting for the proper time to bring it back, but I wanted to make sure I had the perfect creators first. Now that I have them, it’s time to unleash Cassie Hack on the world again.”

Seeley has recruited Tini Howard to write Hack/Slash: Resurrection, along with artists Celor and K. Michael Russell. Per the press release from Image, the new comic will tell the story of Cassie’s mission to save promiscuous teens from anew monstrous threat — at summer camp, judging by the cover by Seeley:

Stefano Caselli provides the second cover:

The new series arrives at the end of October — shortly after Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella. The crossover finds Cassie and her protector, Vlad, on the trail of a killer in Las Vegas, where they meet Vampirella and take on The Queen of Hearts. Shawn Aldridge and Rapha Lobosco have been tapped as the creative team.

“Vampirella is the original horror exploitation heroine, and it’s been a goal of mine since I started Hack/Slash back in 2004 to have her team up with Cassie and Vlad,” Seeley said. “Dynamite has recruited some awesome talent to handle this never-before-seen tale, which will tie back to the new Hack/Slash series from Image.”

“Ever have one of those days when Tim Seeley unexpectedly emails you saying he really enjoyed your book (The Dark and Bloody) and asks if you want to write a Hack/Slash mini and before you even finish the ‘s’ in yes, he goes, ‘Oh, yeah, and Vampirella will be in it?’ No? Huh, well, I did. And I’m over the moon (or is that Drakulon?) about the chance to tell a tale about an icon of horror in Vampirella and one of the best duos in horror in Cassie and Vlad,” Aldridge said. “I hope my excitement comes through in this fun tale of the Blood Red Queen of Hearts ripping people’s hearts out in Las Vegas.”

Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella is scheduled to arrive Oct. 4, while Hack/Slash: Resurrection #1 arrives Oct. 25.

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