Inktober spotlight: Victor Santos honors Jack Kirby

The ‘Violent Love’ artist dedicates Inktober to the King of Comics.

In addition to being the spookiest month, October is also Inktober, an art challenge where artists from all over the world create a different ink drawing every day of the month. While the official Inktober site provides a list of “prompts” to help inspire artists, many of them choose their own themes.

With many comic artists are participating this year — you can find a lot of them on Twitter or Tumblr using the #inktober hashtag, and we’ve been posting a bunch on our own Tumblr — we thought we’d spotlight a few of the “can’t miss” ones we’ve seen so far.

Victor Santos is the creator of Polar and the recently launched Guts webcomic, as well as the artist for the recent Violent Love miniseries. For Inktober, Santos chose to honor Jack Kirby, who would have been 100 this year.

“… 2017 is the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby, the King of Comics. So this is going to be a thematic edition, every day a tribute to a King´s creation. With no criterion about popularity or relevance of the characters,” Santos wrote on his Tumblr. “Don´t ask me if I´m going to draw this character or that another one, I don´t know! I have no idea, just I´ll follow the feeling of the day.”

Check out a few of his drawings below, and be sure to follow him on Tumblr or Twitter to see more.

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