Paul Maybury contributing Chapel back-ups to ‘Bloodstrike’ relaunch

‘I don’t have friends.’

We don’t have a lot of information yet on Michel Fiffe’s revival of Bloodstrike, but a few details have started to emerge. In addition to new Bloodstrike material, the comic will also feature the return of Chapel, another character created by Rob Liefeld who debuted in the early days of Image Comics.

Paul Maybury announced he’s creating back-up stories starring the skull-faced character, handling writing, art, colors and lettering. He also shared a teaser image:

Chapel was an original member of Youngblood, Liefeld’s flagship Image title when the company and line debuted. We’d later find out he had a connection to another Image creator’s signature character, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. Chapel was revealed to be the killer of Al Simmons, who would then made a deal with a demon to return to Earth as the supernatural vigilante.

In addition to Maybury, Fiffe revealed three other creators who will be involved with the comic: Charles Forsman, Benjamin Marra and Ed Piskor.

No word yet on when in 2018 Bloodstrike will debut, but here’s another teaser image from Fiffe:


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