Michel Fiffe takes aim at ‘Bloodstrike’ in 2018

‘Don’t rub the blood. Drown in it.’

Michel Fiffe dropped a big ol’ bloody bomb on Twitter this morning — he’s working on a revival of Bloodstrike, the 1990s Extreme team created by Rob Liefeld.

Not much else was revealed beyond the above teaser image, but hey — I’m sold.

Bloodstrike was one of many titles created by Liefeld’s Extreme Studios back in the 1990s, at the beginning of Image Comics’ heyday. Bloodstrike is a team of undead superhero/assassin types working for a shady government agency. They had all died before and had been brought back by something called Project: Born Again, and when damaged in battle they could be “repaired” using that same technology. The title has been revived before — once by Tim Seeley and Franchesco Gaston, and then by Liefeld himself.

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