C2E2: Image announces new titles from Young/Conley, Culver/Geoffo

‘Bully Wars’ and ‘Burnouts’ due out later this year.

Image Comics has announced two new titles in conjunction with C2E2 in Chicago this week: Bully Wars by Skottie Young and Aaron Conley,and Burnouts by Dennis Culver and Geoffo.

Bully Wars

In Bully Ways, Young and Conley team with colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu and letterer Nate Piekos. Accoridng to Paste Magazine, the comic is about “new freshman Spencer and his lifelong bully, Rufus, as they form an uneasy alliance to help Rufus compete in the ‘Bully Wars,’ a challenge to establish the pecking order in their new school. Will Rufus rise to the raucous occasion or will he join Spencer down on the bottom rung?”

The first issue comes out in August.


Burnouts, written by Culver with art from Geoffo and Lauren Perry, “follows a group of delinquent teenagers who, after taking part in an anti-drugs campaign at school, decide to do the very teen thing of ignoring any and all advice from an authority figure and smoking some pot,” according to io9. “Instead of the trip they expected, however, they find themselves confronted by ethereal aliens—aliens that are real, hiding on Earth, and only visible in the after-effects of a high.” Chris Burnham will provide covers.

The comic is due out in September.

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