Check out André Lima Araújo’s unused ‘Old Man Peter Parker’ pitch

The ‘Avengers A.I.’ and ‘Generation Gone’ artist once pitched a series where an older Spider-Man took on King Venom in the ruins of New York.

Here’s a fun “what might have been” item: On Tumblr, Generation Gone and Black Panther: Long Live the King artist André Lima Araújo shares a pitch he once created while working on Avengers A.I. “Old Man Peter Parker” would have been a story in the vein of “Old Man Logan,” showing a future Spider-Man in a setting where the villains won.

“A few years ago, during my Avengers A.I. run, I developed a pitch for a Marvel story written and drawn by me,” he writes. “It was post-apocalyptical tale of an Old Man Peter Parker going back to a destroyed New York, now ran by King Venom and his symbiotic army. We’d see Peter going through the city undercover and in the end fighting and defeating King Venom, taking New York back. No definitive answer was ever given in regards to this, but time passes and I think it would be cool to share with you.”

Spidey stalwarts Daredevil and the Punisher also would have made appearances:

You can see more of Araújo’s work, including other pitches he’s done, on his website.

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