Faerber + Montenat team for ‘pilot’ issue of ‘Glacier City’ from Panel Syndicate

New series stars a cop with no back-up in a secluded Alaska town.

Jay Faerber (Copperhead, Noble Causes) and Michael Montenat (Dead Squad, The Fallen) have teamed up to produce a “pilot” issue of a new comic from Panel Syndicate — and if it’s well-received, they plan to do more.

Glacier City, which is available now on the Panel Syndicate website, tells the story of Police Chief Wes Cutter, the only law enforcement in a secluded Alaskan town “where everyone has a secret and his closest backup is hours away.”

“One of my favorite genre tropes is the ‘big city cop moves to a small town and encounters darkness there,'” Faerber told Comicon.com. “I wanted to play with that trope. I’d been wanting to do a story set in Alaska for a long time, and tried a few different variations before finding Wes and his story. They say there are two kinds of people who live in Alaska. Those who are born there, and those that are running away from something. And Wes wasn’t born in Alaska.”

Check out a preview below, and if you like what you see, head over to Panel Syndicate to download the issue for whatever price you’d like to pay.

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