Bunn, Lolli team up on ‘Asgardians of the Galaxy’

Angela, Valkyrie and more team up for some space-spanning adventures from Marvel.

Marvel’s Infinity Wars crossover event has left the universe — and their publishing schedule — without Guardians of the Galaxy. But comics hate a void, so starting September, Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli will team up on a Asgardians of the Galaxy (see what they did there?) limited series.

“In this story, a group of Asgardians is drawn into an intergalactic quest to stop a terrible villain (I will not reveal who just yet, but this baddie has longstanding ties to cosmic Marvel tales) from unleashing … well … something terrible upon the universe,” Bunn told Marvel.com. “For various reasons, though, this group of Asgardians must work without the knowledge of their peers.”

The team will feature several Asgardian-related characters, including Thor’s sister Angela (a former member of the Guardians after “transferring” over from the Spawn universe); Valkyrie, who Bunn wrote in Fearless Defenders; the son of 1990s Thor replacement Thunderstrike; and Throg, Frog of Thunder, who is not to be confused with Thor himself, who once was turned into a frog during Walt Simonson’s epic run on the character. Throg was once a human who was cursed by a witch to become Puddlegulp, a frog Thor met during that storyline. Later he found a piece of Uru chipped from Thor’s hammer, and a new amphibian hero was born.

Look for the first issue on Sept. 5.

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