‘Iceman,’ ‘Unstoppable Wasp’ get a second life from Marvel

Two canceled series return this fall from Marvel, as Jeremy Whitley once again writes ‘Unstoppable Wasp’ and Sina Grace returns to ‘Iceman.’

Two canceled Marvel titles are getting a second chance at life, as the company has announced that Unstoppable Wasp and Iceman will both return in new series.

Both series previously made it to issue #8 before the axe was dropped last year. Jeremy Whitley will once again write Unstoppable Wasp, joined by artist Gurihiru. It sounds like the new series will pick up where the last one left off, with Nadia van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym, teaming up with the Agents of G.I.R.L. and her stepmother, Janet van Dyne.

“All of our Agents of G.I.R.L. are back, and they’re all on the same mission: to change the world through science,” Whitley told Marvel.com. “They’re also going to be Nadia’s back-up in the field in ways that are new to this volume. It’s always useful to have four of the smartest scientists in the world in your earpiece, but we’ve got a few other ways for them to get in on the action. So much of the first volume was about assembling the team and saving Ying — this will be one of our first real chances to see G.I.R.L. in action out in the world.”

And over on the “X” side of the house, Sina Grace returns to Iceman, along with artist Nathan Stockman.

“I’m amazed that the series connected with an audience so much that we defied odds and got another arc,” Grace told Marvel.com. “The whole process of writing the first one, I was focused on doing my best work and crafting a series that sat well as a standalone … I had blinders on. Apathy is such a huge force in this world, so when the letters kept coming after the final issue—in my DMs, on Tumblr, to the Marvel offices, at comic conventions—that was when I had to ask, ‘Is this the impact other Super Hero books have on their readers?’”

Look for Iceman in September and Unstoppable Wasp in October.

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