Tynion pits Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark against Hecate in October

The crossover event runs through the month of October.

Before G. Willow Wilson takes over the title in November, Wonder Woman will cross over with Justice League Dark for Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour. The five-part weekly crossover will run through two issues of Wonder Woman and one issue of Justice League Dark in October, bookended by two 48-page specials.

James Tynion IV will write all five comics, working with three different art teams.

Here are more details from DC’s press release.

Part one, Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1, with art by Jesus Merino, sets the tone for the Wonder Woman-centered event. In this 48-page debut one-shot, Hecate, the witch-goddess of magic, always knew a day would come when the monsters she stole her magic from would return. Now she must activate the Witchmarked, humans within whom she secreted vast stores of power. This hits Justice League Dark especially hard: one of the most powerful of the Witchmarked turns out to be Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 is on sale Oct. 3.

Wonder Woman #56, with art by Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy, pushes part two of “The Witching Hour” into new, magical, territory. After barely escaping its first encounter with Hecate, the Justice League Dark knows that she’ll be back for the power inside Wonder Woman! But what if Diana could tap into that power herself? Would she be a match for the evil witch-goddess? Wonder Woman #56 hits shelves Oct. 10.

Part three, on sale Oct. 17, is Justice League Dark #4 with art by series regulars Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez. Everything the Justice League Dark thought they knew about Wonder Woman and Hecate has proven to be wrong…and the Parliament of Trees is about to pay the price! Hecate knows this world isn’t strong enough to resist the Otherkind, so she’s going to burn it down and replace it with a world of her own…starting with that ancient grove!

Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy return on Oct. 24 for “The Witching Hour” part four in Wonder Woman #57. As Hecate’s new world is born, Wonder Woman is under the goddess’ total control! This is magic’s darkest hour—one of the most powerful magicians of all time may not survive!

“The Witching Hour” concludes in a 48-page finale on Oct. 31! In Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour #1 with art by Jesus Merino, Zatanna battles for Wonder Woman’s soul—and the rest of the Justice League Dark battle for their lives! Hecate is more powerful than the Greek Gods…and no matter who wins, the Earth will lose its chance of surviving the war that’s coming!

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