‘Ironheart’ soars into her own title this November

Dr. Eve L. Ewing and Kevin Libranda team up on a new solo series starring Riri Williams’ alter ego.

Ironheart, the young black female superhero who temporarily replaced Tony Stark in the pages of Invincible Iron Man, will headline her title starting in November.

Marvel has recruited Dr. Eve L. Ewing, a Chicago-based author, poet, sociologist of education and artist, to write the series, with Kevin Libranda (Champions) on art. Amy Reeder will provide covers.

“Ironheart symbolizes what happens when you combine incredible strength and might with a sense of love, care and a true desire for justice,” Ewing told Marvel.com. “Not just punishment or showing off or short-term solutions, but real justice. Not to be corny or overly literal, but that’s what it means to combine the power represented by ‘iron’ with the moral compass represented by ‘heart.’ Riri’s identity and the place where she comes from means she sometimes has a different perspective than some of her peers on how to deal with people who are doing wrong. There’s a reason she doesn’t just go around blasting everybody to high heaven because, to be real, she definitely could do that if she wanted. But she’s a very tender person at her core, and she doesn’t just want to be a senseless weapon.”

Ironheart, a.k.a. Riri Williams, was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr., and debuted in Invincible Iron Man volume 2 #7. After Stark was incapacitated during Civil War II, she took over the title, which remained as “Iron Man” even though she never called herself that. She’s currently appearing the Champions series, where her new armor recently debuted.

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