Goth Jumanji: Gillen + Hans team for new series ‘Die’

Fantasy gets real this December from Image Comics.

Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, who previously worked together on Marvel’s Journey into Mystery, are rolling the dice on a new comic this December called “Die.” Clayton Clowes will letter the project.

“Stephanie and I have been wanting to work together forever – Journey Into Mystery 645 is one of my favourite things I’ve ever done, and this comes straight from there,” Gillen said in his weekly email newsletter. “The Earth needs a fantasy world created by Stephanie Hans, and I had to enable it.”

The story revolves around a group of teens who regularly play tabletop role-playing games. One night they mysteriously disappear, only to reappear two years later. Actually, forget my explanation — you can read this for yourself on this lovely, handy teaser the team put together:

“My two word cut-to-the-chase explanation is ‘Goth Jumanji,’ which certainly does the job,” Gillen said. “Being me, I’ve got a half dozen other things to throw around. Really, it’s an intense character drama about six adults whose lives have gone awry in all too human ways, set in a something that tried to do for D&D Precursor’s what Planetary did for the Superhero. It’s a lot. It’s ambitious. It’s deeply personal. It’s scarily beautiful. I think you’ll like it.”

You can read more about it in this interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

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