Dark Horse + Bioware team up for ‘Anthem’ comics

Prequel series to the upcoming multiplayer game debuts in February.

Dark Horse and Bioware will continue their partnership that brought Dragon Age and Mass Effect to comics as they team up for a new series based on the upcoming video game Anthem.

Alexander Freed, who worked on the game, and Mac Walters, who has worked on Dark Horse’s Mass Effect: Foundation comic, will team with artist Eduardo Francisco on a prequel series to the video game’s story.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve co-written a BioWare comic–I got to work with David Gaider back when on the Dragon Age series–and I admit there’s something fun about focusing on execution instead of concept. Here’s hoping folk enjoy!” Freed said on Twitter.

According to Dark Horse, “the Anthem comic series follows a boy named Kismet who is rescued from an ambush by Yarrow—one of the javelin pilots known as Freelancers. Now an orphan, Kismet and his adoptive sister Jani must build a better future for themselves, and humanity, in a world filled with danger.”

If you aren’t familiar with Anthem, it’s a new multiplayer game coming from Bioware next February. Set on an alien world, humans use exosuits to battle monsters and fight for their survival. Each suit can be customized with unique weapons and abilities.

Look for the first issue of the comic on Feb. 27.

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