Roger Langridge discusses projects both past and future

Fans of his ‘Thor: The Mighty Avenger’ book will like this post.

Roger Langridge of Popeye, Criminy, Fred the Clown, Muppets and Snarked fame shared a “looking forward, looking back” post on his blog earlier this month, which includes details on his 2019 projects.

In addition to more Fred the Clown and a Popeye Sunday strip celebrating the character’s 90th anniversary, Langridge shared a reference to one of his former projects: his awesome, prematurely canceled Thor: The Mighty Avenger series with artist Chris Samnee. No, the 2010 series isn’t coming back, but maybe this is the next best thing:

“I plan to put together a pitch for a series that will pick up, in some ways, where the Marvel book I wrote a few years back, Thor the Mighty Avenger, left off. Not built around Thor, obviously, as that isn’t an option; what I have in mind is more to write something new with a different central character but which picks up the tone and the themes I was exploring with that book. There was a conclusion I was working towards with Thor: TMA which I think is still worth telling, and this would be a way to do that – at least in most of the ways that count. I’ve been thinking hard about how to get that right over the last year or so, and most of the pieces are in place now in my mind. So that’s quite high on the list of things I want to do.”

Roger Langridge

If you aren’t familiar with the eight-issue series, it featured a fresh take on Thor that also drew heavily from his comic book origins, balancing the very best of his Norse origins with superheroics and his relationship with Jane Foster (who played a very prominent role in the series). It’s not easy to bring back some of the magic of Stan and Jack’s early days, but somehow Langridge and Samnee pulled it off.

You can find it on comiXology as well as through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service, and of course you can purchase it on Amazon if you prefer paper. It’ll give you something to read while we wait to hear the announcement of its spiritual successor.

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