Clowes, Piskor get Studio Editions in October

You’ll find original art scans, process pieces and more in two new Studio Editions coming in October.

Fantagraphics has announced Studio Editions for two popular comic artists — Daniel Clowes and Ed Piskor.

Much like IDW’s popular Artist’s Editions line, Studio Editions contain un-retouched original art scans — letting you see the artist’s originals in a way that you’d otherwise only see if you had direct access to them. “These full-size reproductions retain original pencil marks, corrections, and marginalia—fascinating imperfections that provide insights into the creative process of these master cartoonists,” the press release reads.

Daniel Clowes: The Fantagraphics Studio Edition will include pages from Clowes’s nearly 35 years of comics art, ranging from some of his earliest published work, 1986’s Lloyd Llewelyn, to his seminal one-man anthology, Eightball (in which Ghost World was originally serialized), and includes samples from his most recent graphic novel, 2016’s best-selling time travel thriller, Patience.

Ed Piskor: The Fantagraphics Studio Edition highlights his work from Hip Hop Family Tree and X-Men: Grand Design, as well as “dozens of other gems from Piskor’s archives, including commercial art, designs for a line of Public Enemy action figures, and much more.”

“Studio Editions that are constructed directly from an artist’s original artwork have been the greatest new idea in comics the past ten years, and I had to jump at the chance to have my very own,” Piskor said. “As a newer cartoonist in comparison to living legends like Jaime Hernandez and Charles Burns, there’s still lots of evidence of discovery on my pages—lots of figuring things out, brush strokes, white-out, and general process, which is my favorite part of these kinds of editions. And I felt like it would add value to include some annotated chatter about each page as well. Readers are going to dig looking at this stuff in a different context.”

Each edition will include more than 120 pages of art, and cost $150. They are both due out in October.

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