Dark Phoenix rises on Becky Cloonan’s Loot Wear shirt

The raglan shirt featuring the image is available this month only.

Comics creator Becky Cloonan has been doing some design work for Loot Crate, “the worldwide leader in fan subscription boxes,” and their sister site, Loot Wear. One of the pieces she’s done for them ties into the big summer superhero blockbuster, Dark Phoenix — and it is on fire.

The image appears on a raglan shirt available from Loot Wear for this month only, as part of their “villain month” offering.

“When she first becomes Phoenix, setting the Marvel Girl costume and name aside – it’s such a revelation!” Cloonan told Loot Wear. “It’s like, ‘Aah, this is who the character is meant to be!’ Dark Phoenix also leads us to Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey and one of my favorite characters. Shout out to Chris Claremont who basically defined the character, and wrote so many of my favorite childhood comics!”

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