Larsen, Conway, Bagley return to ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ for Marvel’s 80th

Dream team of Spider-Man creators brings decades of experience working on the character.

The guest list for Marvel’s 80th anniversary blowout continues to grow, as the publisher has announced Savage Dragon creator and Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen will return to do an Amazing Spider-Man one-shot in September. He’ll be joined by two other creators known for their work in the character – Gerry Conway and Mark Bagley.

Not much is known about Amazing Spider-Man: Going Big , is known at this time, but the respective pedigrees of its creators are undeniable. Larsen drew Amazing Spider-Man in the early 1990s, then went on to write and draw the adjectiveless Spider-Man. He was followed on Amazing by Bagley, who is also well known for his long run working on Ultimate Spider-Man. Conway, meanwhile, has worked on the character for decades, including issues where he co-created the Punisher and killed Gwen Stacy.

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