Haberlin + Hine team up for ‘The Marked’

New series from Image Comics due out in October.

Brian Haberlin and David Hine (Sonata) will re-team for a new series from Image Comics titled The Marked.

The Marked is my chance to do magical, dark and sexy,” Haberlin said in the press release. “The world may seem familiar, but what lies beneath is certainly not. A world readers of my old series Aria and The Wicked will recognize and maybe we’ll even see some characters from those books appear along the way in this new series!”

A group of “cool young influencers” are all “marked” with tattoos that give them the power to fight evil. But with no evil to fight, they use their tattooed powers “solely for the pursuit of pleasure” — that is, until a woman named Liza creates a new threat for them to face.

“One of the highlights for me is the way Brian has used his digital skills to create amazing tattoo designs for The Marked. That and the chance to play with magic,” said Hine. “The only limit to what these characters can do is the limit of our imagination.”

The first issue arrives in October.

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