DC reveals more Legion of Super-Heroes art

The Legion reboot by Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook kicks off this fall.

DC Comics has revealed both cover and interior art related to the relaunch of the Legion of Super-Heroes this fall.

If you haven’t heard, Brian Michael Bendis and several artists are working on a two-issue prelude called Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium, which will feature not only the Legion, but other “future” characters from the DC Universe, like OMAC, Tommy Tomorrow and Booster Gold, among others. It kicks off in September and will be followed in November by a new Legion title by Bendis and Ryan Sook.

Today DC revealed the cover to issue #2 of Millennium, which features a certain teen-aged superhero who is synonymous with the Legion:

In addition, DC revealed some of the interior art for the project, including line art from André Lima Araújo, who is drawing the Tommy Tomorrow sequence:

We also get a couple extra pages, including Nicola Scott’s work on Booster Gold:

And Jim Cheung’s work on OMAC:

Finally, DC shared more character designs for the Legion, including Superboy, Blok, a wingless Dawnstar and a dreamy-looking Dreamgirl. Most importantly, we get one of the coolest-looking Matter Eater Lads of all time:

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