‘Penultiman’ miniseries debuts in May

Tom Peyer, Alan Robinson and Lee Loughridge bring a hero from the future and his issues to the present day.

From the pages of AHOY’s Steel Cage comes a new five-issue mini-series by writer Tom Peyer, artist Alan Robinson and colorist Lee Loughridge, with lettering by Rob Steen and covers by Robinson. Penultiman tells the story of a superhero from the future having an identity crisis of sorts.

“Penultiman, The Next-To-Last Stage in Human Evolution, is hailed as the godlike epitome of beauty, power, and compassion in the year 2020,” said Peyer. “In the far-future century he came from, however, his more advanced contemporaries saw him as a brutish evolutionary throwback and exiled him to our era. Paragon or primitive? His one chance for peace is to deny the haters and admirers alike, and discover who he really is–if he only knew how to begin.”

The series follows the adventures of Penultiman, “the greatest, best-looking, and most admired superhero in the world.” But apparently he doesn’t like himself very much, and only his android understudy, Antepenultiman, can help.

Penultiman debuted in the story “True Identity” earlier this year in the pages of AHOY’s Steel Cage, where fans were asked to vote for their favorite of three choices. The competition resulted in a WWE-esque “three-way tie” where everybody involved will get their own title.

The miniseries debuts in May 2020.

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