Soule + Browne kickstart ‘Curse Words: The Hole Damned Thing’

The entire Image Comics series is collected and crowdfunded, along with a brand new story.

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne‘s Curse Words ran for 28 issues from Image Comics between 2017 and 2019, and now the creators are planning to collect the entire series — plus some new material — in Curse Words: The Hole Damned Thing omnibus.

The project went up on Kickstarter yesterday and has already raised more than twice their intended goal.

The story is about an evil wizard, named Wizord, who is sent to Earth to destroy it by his demon master — but instead he decides he likes the place and tells humanity he’s a “good” wizard. It features koalas, hogtaurs and much more.

For the campaign itself, Soule and Browne have enlisted Challengers Comics + Conversation, a Chicago-area retailer, to fulfill their orders. “They’ll make money on every single package we ship through the Kickstarter, so by pledging, you’re helping out a great store in these tough times,” they wrote on their Kickstarter page.

If you already own the series and just want the new story, they’ve got you covered, with both a digital and print tier for “just the new stuff.” Getting the complete omnibus will cost you $30 for a PDF and $75 for the hardcover. Other tiers include original sketches by both Browne and Soule, enamel pins and even a 1970s-era van that the creators will decorate. That one’s $10,000, so it will be interesting to see if anyone bites.

For more details, visit their Kickstarter page.

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