Sunday Comics | ‘How did then become now?’

Check out comics by Lynda Barry, Joey Weiser and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online in the past few weeks. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

In her latest comic for the New York Times, Lynda Barry asks the question, “How did then become now?” and chronicles the little things she saw as the world slowly changed from pre-pandemic to pandemic.

“There isn’t one image that gives me a picture of this time I’m trying to write about, but the scenes I’ve identified are like chapters of a bigger story,” Barry writes. “If I write them up one by one, they start to connect.” What’s great is that it’s presented as a DIY project that you can also engage with yourself, listing your own “moments” that detail the changes you’ve seen.

Mermin creator Joey Weiser has kicked off a new comic he’s sharing on social media called Dino Town. It’s about the various residents of a fictional town called Cycad Bay inhabited by — you guessed it — dinosaurs. You can see more comics on both Twitter and Instagram.

UK-based cartoonist Rachael Smith has been posting a series of great daily comics during the quarantine, many of which involve her cat. Follow her on Twitter to see them as they appear.

Speaking of cats and regularly occurring comics, the excellent comics review/criticism site Solrad has been posting comics, including Kricket the Cat by Reilly Hadden.

Finally, in this comic for The Nib’s “Scam” issue, Josh Carter and Liz Enright explore the “Nigerian prince” scam and how it hit really close to home for the writer.

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