Can’t Wait for Comics: Everything must change

Marvel makes its return (digitally) as DC makes Tuesday comics a permanent thing.

Welcome to our newly renamed Can’t Wait for Wednesday Comics, our weekly look at what’s arriving in shops, on digital and wherever else you can find comics.

So why the name change? Well, with comics and graphic novels arriving in different places and channels on different days — and even some publishers shifting weekly comics away from the traditional Wednesday — it seemed antiquated to assume that people are only buying new comics on one day during the week. When DC started releasing their comics again in April, they shifted from the traditional comic-shop Wednesday to Tuesday — which is consistent with when trades and graphic novels arrive in book stores. They plan for this to be a permanent change moving forward.

So yeah, it’s a crazy time in the comics world right now, just like it is in the larger world. But here are some comics and graphic novels you can find this week — in comic shops or bookstores if they’re open, through online shops or via digital channels.

First off, let’s look at DC’s list for this week, which are available now if, again, your local comic shop is open, or via places like comiXology:

Adventures Of Superman By George Perez HC, $49.99
Anti/Hero TP, $9.99
Harley Quinn #72, $3.99
Justice League #44, $3.99
Justice League Dark Volume 3 The Witching War TP, $16.99
Justice League Odyssey #20, $3.99
Lois Lane #10 (Of 12), $3.99
Metal Men #6 (Of 12), $3.99
Superman Action Comics Volume 2 Leviathan Rising TP, $17.99
Superman Action Comics Volume 3 Leviathan Hunt HC, $24.99
Superman Smashes The Klan TP, $16.99
Wonder Woman And The Justice League Dark The Witching Hour TP, $16.99

DC also has their Digital First titles, which continue to arrive on a daily basis, featuring stories that originally appeared in their Walmart anthologies.

And then Wednesday brings the first new Marvel material we’ve seen in awhile, as they release four titles digitally:

  • Ant-Man #4
  • Avengers Of The Wastelands #4
  • Ghost-Spider #9
  • Ravencroft #4

If you’ve been reading these titles and want to see how the story ends (as most of them are miniseries), it’s probably a good idea to grab them now — it doesn’t sound like Marvel plans to release them as single issues.

If you’re looking for something that’s not from the big two, comiXology Originals released the first issue of their weekly series, Youth, today, by Curt Pires, Alex Diotto, Dee Cunniffe and Micah Myers. I spoke with comiXology Original’s Chip Mosher about a variety of topics, including this new title, earlier today.

Finally, on the graphic novel front, Drawn and Quarterly released Ebony Flower’s Hot Comb this week. Flowers’ debut graphic novel is described as “offers a poignant glimpse into Black women’s lives and coming of age stories as seen across a crowded, ammonia-scented hair salon while ladies gossip and bond over the burn.” You can check out a preview on the D+Q website.

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