Lemire teases new ‘Sweet Tooth’ comics

Following the announcement of an adaptation coming from Netflix, Jeff Lemire offers some chocolate-covered hope for a new comic series.

Using a fun Twin Peaks reference, Jeff Lemire has teased the return of Sweet Tooth, the long-running Vertigo Comics series he wrote and drew.

“It is happening again…that candy bar you liked is going to come back in style,” he wrote on Twitter, as he shared some new art and a page labeled “Sweet Tooth: The Return #2, Page 13.” It’s dated April 15, and at the rate he works, he’s probably on issue #22 by now.

The post follows the news that the original comic will be adapted for Netflix by Robert Downey Jr.’s production company. Here’s a better look at the artwork Lemire shared:

Sweet Tooth ran for 40 issues between 2009 and 2013, and featured a plague-induced apocalyptic setting (which is very timely right now) and human/animal hybrid children who struggled to live through it. It featured Gus, a deer hybrid, and his bond with Jeppard, an “Old Man Punisher” type. It was published by DC’s Vertigo imprint, which no longer exists, so it’ll be interesting to see what imprint this new series falls under.

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