Lemire gives an update, reveals art from new ‘Sweet Tooth’ comic

The new series will come out under DC’s Black Label imprint.

After teasing the return of Sweet Tooth to comics in May, creator Jeff Lemire has revealed more details about his work on the new series in his email newsletter.

He said the new series will fall under DC’s Black Label imprint, and like the original, will be written and drawn by Lemire and colored by Jose Villarrubia.

“I know a lot of Sweet Tooth fans are anxious to know story details and also apprehensive because they liked how I ended the old series, and don’t want me to do anything that will ruin that,” Lemire wrote. “All I can say is that I had all of these exact same concerns and it wasn’t until I came up with an idea that I really believed in that I considered going back to the world of Gus and the gang.”

A new page of Sweet Tooth art from Jeff Lemire

Sweet Tooth ran for 40 issues between 2009 and 2013, and featured a plague-induced apocalyptic setting where human/animal hybrid children struggled to live through it. It’s being adapted for TV by Netflix, and Lemire said being on the set last year made him want to return to that world in comics.

“Truth is, I never thought I would go back to Sweet Tooth, but being on set last year and seeing the passion and excitement of the cast and crew really reignited my own feelings for the characters and world and it got the wheels turning, so here we are,” he wrote. “I’ve been drawing the new Sweet Tooth since March, right before COVID hit, and honestly the comfort of being able to visit these characters and world again during this whole pandemic has been a godsend. I am currently on issue 4 of the series and will be about half-way through that one by the end of this week.”

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