Callen channels classic comics art in his new T-shirt shop

Buy shirts featuring Spacehawk, Stardust, Fantomah and more.

MAD contributor and Dirtnap creator Kerry Callen has set up an online store where he’s selling T-shirts he’s designed — and he’s channeling some classic comics in doing so.

“I love reading old, public domain comics, and I often wish I had a cool shirt or two,” Callen said on his blog. “Not a mere old panel on product, but something actually DESIGNED. So, I decided to make a few myself and place them on TeePublic.”

His shirts feature Spacehawk, based on character designs by Basil Wolverton:

and a couple of old Fletcher Hanks creations:

He’s also added an older design he did for the site Threadless a few years back, featuring a zombie having a bad day:

He said he plans to add new ones every day “for awhile,” so check out his T-shirt shop or follow his blog to see more.

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