Chris Schweizer shares an unfinished ‘Crogan’s Escape’

The Crogan Adventures creator posts a PDF version of the fourth book to his Patreon, saying it’ll never be finished.

Chris Schweizer, creator of the Crogan Adventures series of graphic novels that were published by Oni Press, has shared an unfinished version of a planned fourth volume on his Patreon.

“It’s not finished, and it’s not going to be finished, but I thought that I would put together a digital book sharing what I have: a finished version of an unfinished book,” Schweizer wrote about Crogan’s Escape. “It’s got (almost) finished pages, pencils, roughs and synopses, enough to get a sense of the overall book, as well as a few design bits and an introduction to contextualize the whole thing.”

Crogan’s Escape would have followed Crogan’s Vengeance, Crogan’s March and Crogan’s Loyalty, which were published between 2008 and 2012. Each volume focused on a different member of the Crogan family tree — which is filled with pirates, legionnaires, gunfighters, private eyes, flying aces, lion tamers and more. The first volume starred “Catfoot” Crogan, a sailor turned pirate, while this unfinished fourth volume starred Daniel Crogan and is set in 1920s China.

In the introduction to the PDF, Schweizer explains the delays in the book, as well as the financial reasons why working on it became difficult. At one point Schweizer and Oni planned to release the project as a quarterly comic instead of a complete OGN, but that fell through, again, due to financial reasons.

“Since folks have been asking: No, this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning Crogan stories altogether, just this specific book,” Schweizer said on Twitter. “It never clicked for me, I never found its heart, and my storytelling/art/narrative priorities have changed too much since its inception for me to return to it.”

The Patreon post and the PDF are both available publicly; you can download it here.

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