Three Things | Outlaw’s Apprentice, Woodland Creatures, They Can Talk

Check out three things to see, to support and to read today.

1. To see: Chris Schweizer teases Outlaw’s Apprentice

Over the past few months in various online places like his website, on Facebook and through his Patreon, Chris Schweizer has started to share artwork for a new project — Outlaw’s Apprentice, a “high-adventure fantasy series in the spirit of some of my favorite types of stories: swashbucklers, episodic westerns.”

It looks fun as heck:

Many moons ago, Schweizer created the Crogan Adventures series, which were stories about a family throughout history set in various historical settings. It was a fun, ambitious project that ended after three books (though Schweizer later shared details on a fourth that never saw print). With this one, Schweizer says he plans to post it online before it’s eventually printed, and even has a post up on his Patreon about how he’s approaching the creation of it (with several sample pages). Like I said, this looks like fun, and I can’t wait to see it completed.

2. To Support: Woodland Creatures: Wild Souls

There are about seven days left on the Kickstarter for Woodland Creatures: Wild Souls, the third volume of Cristina Roswell and Tomás Aira’s werewolf story that stars two “atypical” werewolves. Instead of actually turning into wolves themselves, they can transfer their minds into the bodies of their amaroq, a wolf companion. (Kind of like Bran Stark from A Game of Thrones ). The two main characters are an ex-military man with PTSD who is trying to convince the U.S. army that they aren’t dangerous, and a younger woman who hates humans and rules, and who is pretty much proving the army’s point for them.

Roswell is offering all three volumes through the Kickstarter if you’d like to read the whole thing, or you can find the first two volumes on her Big Cartel site. I’d encourage you to take a look at their Kickstarter project page to check out Aira’s art, as there are plenty of pages to view from the previous volumes and the new one, and they are stunning.

3. To Read: They Can Talk by Jimmy Craig

They Can Talk is a long-running webcomic by Jimmy Craig that features talking animals — the “they” in the title — saying very funny things. He’s been doing it for years now, posting new comics on Instagram and on his website (which is powered by Tumblr, so you can follow them there as well). You can also find them on his Patreon and, starting this week, on TinyView, the webcomics site that launched in 2020.

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